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“Once in a blue moon” is better than never.

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The Super Blue Moon is upon us. It will rise just after sunset today at 7:10 PM EDT and will set tomorrow morning just before the sun rise. A Blue Moon is when a calendar month has two full moons, and they’re pretty rare, hence the common phrase “once in a blue moon.” Even though this saying often refers to things we don’t do often, they are still beautiful and we look forward to them every couple of years. This Blue Moon is also a Super Moon, which means it will appear brighter and larger than your typical Full Moon! 

You don’t have to be a regular patron of The Free Books Project or other community organizations to make a difference. Doing something once in awhile is better than never. Let tonight’s Super Blue Moon inspire you to donate, even if it’s something you only do “once in a blue moon.”

Learn more about tonight’s Super Blue Moon and don’t forget to do something, like helping a cause that promotes literacy access in our communities, even if it’s “once in a blue moon.”

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Written by: Breanna Ransome, MA

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