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Altruism Takes Many Forms

Help us help our communities by donating your books, money, or time.

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A book ark with one of our book ark managers

Your support provides the necessary resources to better serve the readers in our communities and make our mission a reality. We accept most book donations for our inventory and are especially excited to continue to welcome more Pop Up Librarians, Book Ark Stewards, and The Free Books Place Staff into our fold. Our volunteers are the heart and soul of this organization and the main reason we make the incredible impact we do.

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Donate Books and Supplies

Every single book in our inventory has been donated! We distribute books of various genres and lengths for children, teens, and adults. Every book donated is another potential reader in our community.

In addition to books, we accept donations of the following supplies: 

  • Plastic bins, cardboard boxes, and plastic and wooden crates for book transport.
  • Storage unit rentals for book overflow storage.
  • Vehicles and folding tables for Pop Up Library set ups.
  • Wood, paint, tiles, and tools and hardware for building our Book Arks.
  • Art supplies, kits, and sketchbooks for crafts.
  • Cases of water bottles, coffee grounds and filters, cans of soda and juice boxes.
  • Paper products like plates, paper towels, and cups.
  • Instruments.
  • Gently-used clothing.

If we can’t use it, we pass it along to one of our sister organizations who can.

Donate Money

Having the proper funding helps us facilitate transportation, grow our storage capacity and book inventory, build new Book Arks, organize marketing events, and grow our partnerships.

Ways to Donate

Checks made out to The Free Books Project can be mailed to P.O. Box 501, Collingswood, NJ 08108.

Donate Time

Thanks to the outpouring generosity of our community, we sometimes have an overflow of books. There’s no such thing as too many books, but we require more boots on the ground to give them all away! Volunteers make everything we do possible; they’re the real heroes!

Are you driven and compassionate? Do you love books? Join us in our mission to spread literacy and share the joy of reading.

You can help The Free Books Project increase access to literacy in your community by just showing up. We provide the book inventory, suggest locations, and equip you with some handy tips.

Keep scrolling to see our volunteer options and forms to get started.

Become a Pop Up Librarian

Pop Up Librarians can be individuals or groups, such as families, youth groups, or clubs. You will run your very own Pop Up Libraries (PULs) in your community on a schedule you create. We have the books in the bins, but we need your boots on the ground. As a Pop Up Librarian, you’re a crucial part of increasing access to books for readers of all ages and from all walks of life.

You have complete freedom in scheduling and running your PULs and can even partner with other organizations, groups, or businesses. We’ll help you grow in any way we can and use our network to spread the word about your PULs.

Sign up with the form on the right.

Become a Book Ark Steward

As a Book Ark Steward, you can be assigned an existing Book Ark or we’ll build you a new one for a location of your choosing. Book Arks are semi-permanent structures that make books accessible to our community members any day, any time and extend our efforts to distribute books beyond our PULs and The Free Books Place. When your Book Ark needs restocking, all you need to do is notify us and we deliver the books.

Our Book Ark Steward Sister Donna reports, “Coming home and finding my Book Ark’s in need of books is a constant source of joy.” We take care of supplying the books as well as building, installing, and maintaining the structures themselves; plus we’ll add your Book Ark to our comprehensive map.

Sign up using the form on the right.

Become a Team Member at The Free Books Place

The Free Books Place is like a supersized indoor PUL that pops up at the Quaker Meeting House in Camden (808 Cooper Street) every Saturday from 9am to 2pm. Like all of our programs, books are free for anyone to keep.

We have a special scheduling form to volunteer for a Staff shift at The Free Books Place. Access it using the button below.