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We Bring Books Where Libraries Don’t and Give Them Away

By doing so, we create opportunity, community, and joy!

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Not everyone has access to or the means to purchase or rent books. That’s why it’s our mission to improve access to literacy and connection for everyone—especially members of our community in marginalized or vulnerable areas.

We bring books where libraries don’t and give them away! To achieve this mission, we distribute books of all genres for all ages through our various programs.

Pop Up Libraries

Pop Up Libraries (PULs) are mobile book giveaway stations that “pop up” around the community. PULs are manned by members of our organization and community volunteers alike. Executive Director Tom Martin has maintained the original PUL schedule since The Free Books Project was founded.

Check out the schedule below:

Wednesdays, 11am - 1pm

Walter Rand Transportation Center

527 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd

Camden, NJ 08102

Wednesdays, 3pm - 5pm

Cathedral Kitchen

5154 Federal St

Camden, NJ 08102

Fridays, 7am - 9am

Near Zion Baptist Church

Atlantic Ave & Broadway

Camden, NJ 08102

Become a Pop Up Librarian or just stop by to grab a book (or ten)! Plus, you can always call Tom at +1 (856) 308 6992 anytime to confirm a PUL’s time or location.

For timely updates, follow our socials.

The free Books Place

The Free Books Place is like a supersized indoor PUL that pops up at the Quaker Meeting House in Camden (808 Cooper Street) every Saturday from 9am to 2pm. Enjoy a snack, do a craft, or sprawl out with a good book. As with all of our programs, books are free and yours to keep.

volunteers standing outside of the free books place in camden

The Book Ark Project

Local artisans design and build these semi-permanent structures we call Book Arks, which house free books for community members to take and keep. These Book Arks are located throughout South Jersey and are restocked by our volunteer Book Ark Stewards. There are over 100 Book Arks in just Camden County alone! 

To make them easier to find, one of our tech-savvy Book Ark Stewards Endrix created this comprehensive Google Map of all of our registered Book Arks!


We partner with local nonprofit(s),  schools, shelters, clinics, transportation centers, galleries, organizations, and soup kitchens to bring books to give away at events or during service time.

Help Us Achieve Our Mission

“As we continue our work and strive to expand our efforts, every donation makes a difference, regardless of its size. Your generosity allows us to spread literacy by introducing our programs (such as our PULs, Book Arks, and The Free Books Place) to and creating partnership opportunities with more cities, more states—more readers.”

– Tom Martin, Executive Director

Checks made out to The Free Books Project can be mailed to P.O. Box 501, Collingswood, NJ 08108.